No musical skill or talent is needed to participate in these sessions. Music therapy is fun, motivating and improves quality of life.

Individual Music Therapy Sessions

Music Therapy Assessment
An initial assessment is made to tailor a curriculum to the clientís needs. Assesses an individualís emotional, physical, social and cognitive skills through the medium of music. Goals and objectives are established from the assessment.

Therapy Sessions
Sessions include both active and passive aspects of music therapy. Active forms of music therapy include singing, improvisation, song writing and playing instruments. Passive aspects of music therapy include music listening, relaxation and imagery to music, song lyric interpretation and discussion. No music skills or knowledge are necessary to benefit from music therapy; the music therapist uses her knowledge of music, psychology and medicine to adapt the music or instruments to each clientís individual needs and level of experience. In addition to its therapeutic value, music therapy is fun, motivating and improves quality of life.

Music Lessons
Both adaptive and non adaptive music lessons are available for individuals of all ages with and without special needs or learning disabilities. Call for more information.

Home Visits
On-site visits are available for clients who are not mobile, such as homebound seniors, those in hospice care or skilled nursing facilities.

In-Service Training
One-on-one training and consultation is available to professionals. Presentations about music therapy are available to small and large groups.

Services for Older Adults
Music therapy services are focused in the following areas for older adults: areas mentioned in wellness, speech and language rehabilitation for individuals who have had stroke or other brain injuries, Dementia, Depression, Grief/Loss, Anxiety, Social Isolation and Pre-op imagery and music. Services are provided at the music therapy office or in the home or nursing home for those who are not mobile.

Services in Wellness
Music therapy services are focused on the following areas of wellness: Pain management, insomnia, stress and anxiety reduction, personal and spiritual growth, stress related high blood pressure, pre and post natal, birth, grief and loss including perinatal loss and subsequent pregnancy.

Services for individuals with Developmental Disabilities and
Learning Disabilities

Music therapy services are focused in the following areas: Expressive/receptive communication, Socialization, Self Expression, Gross Motor, Fine Motor and Oral Motor, Attention Span and Focus of Attention, Anxiety Reduction, Transitions, Self Esteem and General Skill building Assessments with detailed goals and objectives are offered for regional center or school clients, attendance at IEP. Individual sessions and the following Group sessions are offered.

Group Music Therapy Sessions

Social Skills Group (Mondays 3:45-4:45)
For elementary school children. Program is for verbal and non-verbal children with and without physical challenges. Group focuses on basic social interactions. Involves singing, dancing, playing instruments, and musical games and stories.

Social Skills Group (Tuesdays 3:30-4:30)
Social Skills Group (Thursdays 4-5)
For preteens and teens with special needs. In a safe atmosphere, learn about social skills through music. Singing, playing instruments and dancing to music is part of every session.

Social Skills Group (To Be Announced)
For children with special needs ages 3-5 years. This is a small group that uses music, musical stories, dancing and instruments to gain social interaction skills. This is a fun group young for children. At the end of each session, the family joins the group for singing and story telling.

Wee Merry Music Makers
(Tuesdays 10:00-11:00 in Rohnert Park)
(Wednesdays 1:30-2:30 in Santa Rosa)

For children with and without special needs, ages 6-36 months. This is a developmental musical play group. Singing, Moving, Stories and Playing instruments. Call the Early Learning Institute for registration and more information 707-591-0170.


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